The most simple way to get website traffic

We know this time is very hard to get a website visitor to read our articles. Even the website have a good and simple design that easy to navigate. The main reason is the reader need a “fresh new articles” that no body else on website has been written. Almost all articles is available on website from cooking, health, market, even now AI intelligence can make articles automatically such as “chat GPT”. The most case is make a new articles no body knows and many people searching for it. This is hard challenge for us to make it, even make one article that can attract someone to read it is a hard if a rock. So what we going to do to make visitor to our website? All people asking for this every day. SEO can help but not much, the similarities from other articles can make our website rank can’t go up. Like my title “The most simple way to get website traffic” is make a newly articles that no body has been write on the internet. That is simple but hard to do, specially when no new knowledge has been learned. This new articles creation will make your website ranked and go to top. The keys is make new articles before other make it. So simple? Right, but practically hard to do. One example : When there are a new big event and the event still in arrangement to do, we shall know it first and make the articles about it. Publish it at first time before other. This make we must have connections to those people, the “press release” will make all people know it an make the news about it. The best thing is make it and publish it before the press release. That one example from event or ceremony festival. So the point is “make new articles before someone make it” give a keyword, tags, the correlation from the title to the articles and don’t forget the word length must more than 500 word to make it perfect. Good luck.

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